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    Our heat exchanger can be applied to ETL standard,which pressure bearing hits 2.1Mpa,if you want your products to go to North American market, come to us.
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    We start designing and manufacturing our heat exchanger on standard of AUS/US/EURO,we've offered over one million sets of heat exchangers to these markets over a decade.
  • 03
    All heat exchangers are patented and our testing lab is established according to the national environmental simulation standard.
  • 04
    All products pass through 100 thousand times alter pressure tests,20Mpa burst pressure test,5.3Mpa refirgerant system leaking test and 2.1Mpa water system leaking test.
  • 05
    All materials used in our heat exchangers pass the toughest testing to prove their quality .Both copper tube and titanium tube are manufactured on the highest standard.
  • 06
    In 2017,Gimleo got REACH certificate for titanium heat exchanger and tube in shell heat exchanger.

about us

Gimleo Heat Exchanger Co .,Ltd is located in Shunde District, Foshan City, a professional manufacturer of energy-saving heat exchanger equipment integrated with R&D,manufacture,sales and after-sales service.
Gimleo, founded in 2005,is based on high tech and high quality with advanced manufacturing facilities,testing equipments and many high-educated professonal staff.Especially we've established a heat exchanger capacity-testing lab ahead of other peers in this industry....

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